Best Cigar Lighters for a Perfect Light Every Time

In this article, we’ll look at the best cigar lighters currently available online.

Back when I was new to cigars, it took me a while to learn the ins and outs of properly smoking a stogie. I eventually learned how to cut a cigar and that a good cigar cutter could make a difference. But more importantly, I learned that to properly light a cigar, a good quality torch lighter is essential.

Unbeknownst to many, your cigar torch matters. That’s why I took the liberty to create a list of cigar lighters that, in my opinion, can help you make the most out of every smoke.

You can scroll down for what I’ve gathered to be the best cigar lighters that you can pickup online, from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to learn more about how to light a cigar properly and why you need high-quality cigar torches to do the job, click here to skip to the content below.

Best Cigar Lighters Available Online:

Editor's Choice
GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter

The GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter is in our opinion the best value cigar lighter on the market. It is small and compact, yet boasts a powerful dual-flame jet torch.

Not only is it a lighter with dual flames, but it also features a cigar punch folded into its bottom.

Best Brand
Zippo Torch Lighter Zippo Torch Lighter

Quite possible the most well-known lighter brand on the market. For the majority of their manufacturing life, Zippo has produced soft-flame windproof lighters. Now, after many years in the game, they've produced a jet-flame lighter that slips right inside the classic Zippo case.

VVAY 3 Flame Cigar Jet Torch Lighter VVAY 3 Flame Cigar Jet Torch Lighter

The VWAY lighter provides three jet burners, producing strong flames ideal for cigar lighting.

There's a built-in gas window so you always know when to refill, and a retractable cigar punch for smoking on the go.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
Jet Flame Lighter with Lacquer Finish Jet Flame Lighter with Lacquer Finish

Powerful triple flames & adjustable flame size ensure a quick & easy light for every cigar.

A visible gas level means you'll never be caught off guard, and a handy built-in cigar punch means you needn't carry a cutter around.

Yidenguk Torch Pen Cigar Lighter Yidenguk Torch Pen Cigar Lighter

One thing I like about lighter pens like this, is they feel extra comfortable when lighting your cigar at a 45º angle. Furthermore, they're much longer, which also makes them useful for other applications like lighting BBQs.

901 Blow Torch Lighter for Cigars, BBQs & Kitchens 901 Blow Torch Lighter for Cigars, BBQs & Kitchens

The 901 Blow Torch Lighter is a multipurpose lighter ideal for cigars, barbecues, kitchens and of Course - Creme brûlée! In particular though, the high-powered butane gas powered torch flame is perfect for cigars.

PIPITA Cigar Torch Lighter PIPITA Cigar Torch Lighter

Windproof, jet-flame & with three torches. This pocket sized lighter is an ideal choice for those wanting a more compact design.

Packed in a fancy gift box. It’s a perfect gift for any occasions like, Wedding, Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day etc.

Jet Flame Turbo Windproof 2 Pack by VVAY Jet Flame Turbo Windproof 2 Pack by VVAY

The lighter works well high wind and rain and it heats things up super quickly. The little lighters’ gas capacity is huge and the lighter is transparent so you can see how much fluid you have left. Ideal for cigars on all weathers.

KATELUO Triple Jet Windproof Lighter KATELUO Triple Jet Windproof Lighter

The KATELUO lighter utilises three windproof burners, producing strong flames to ignite the cigars immediately, even on windy days!

The robust industrial design is modern, yet still practical enough for a more traditional smoker.

How to Properly Light Up a Cigar:

At this point, veterans out there may very well know how to light a cigar, but as a refresher and as a guide for all the newbies (we all have to start somewhere), here’s what you should know about lighting a cigar:

  • When lighting a cigar, you have to “toast” it first. Toasting means lightly burning the foot of your cigar, and ensuring that you have an even light across the surface. Don’t directly touch your cigar with the flame, as this can overheat the leaf and cause bitter flavours. Instead, lightly brush the cigar with the torch until it slowly begins to burn.
  • If you don’t light a cigar properly, you risk an uneven burn during your smoke, also known as “side burning.” This can ruin your smoke and make the whole experience less pleasant than it should be. This is why it is important to invest in a good cigar torch lighter.
  • If your cigar goes out, don’t worry. It OK to re-light a cigar. However, if your cigar goes out, it will contain some cooled ash inside which can leave a bad taste in your mouth when re-lighting. When re-lighting a cigar, the trick is to blow outwards through the cigar after re-lighting to clear it of the ashy build up. This is also known as “purging”.

What’s the best type of lighter for a cigar?

There are many types of cigar lighter available online. While technically speaking you can use anything with a flame, some methods are better than others.

Here are some commonly-used alternatives for cigar lighters.

1. Standard flame lighters

Inexpensive standard flame lighters that you can buy almost anywhere are incredibly convenient. Common brands include BIC and Clipper. They’re really small and easily pocketable, and they’re often a practical choice.

Standard flame lighters like BIC and Clipper can be used for cigars as they’re mostly filled with Butane, a clean-burning gas. These type of lighters are known as “cool flame”, unlike torch lighters which have “jet flames”. Some key downsides to standard cool-flame lighters is that they can cause un-even toasting, require more direct flame contact and of course, are not windproof.

2. Wooden matches

Classic, but not very convenient. When using a match, avoid safety matches and allow the sulphur to burn off the match before using it to light he cigar. If using matches, try to buy longer matches so you have more burn time to light your cigar.

There are many downsides to matches. Short matches burn out before you can properly toast your cigar, and you run a risk of burning your fingers. They are also difficult to use outdoors.

3. Metal lighters (Zippos)

We’re all familiar with the Zippo lighter. These lighters are meant to last for a couple of lifetimes and come with free no-question replacement.

However, Cigar lovers should avoid classic Zippos. The liquid fuel used to fill a Zippo lighter adds a nasty taste to cigars. If you don’t have any other lighter to use, consider using the Zippo to first light a cedar stick (or your cigar’s cedar wrapper) and then using this to light your cigar.

Why you should buy the best cigar lighter you can afford:

The most common way to light cigars is by using a cigar torch lighter, as these are widely available, are very portable and feature powerful flames ideal for toasting cigars.

However, lighters fluids like Ronosol should be avoided as they leave a bad taste in the cigar. Instead, cigar torch lighters use butane, which is an odourless “clean burning” gas. This makes butane and torch lighters perfect for cigars.

These are the reasons why you actually need a high-quality cigar lighter in your kit.

  1. They’re the best at getting a quick even toast. It also reduces the chances of “side burning.”
  2. Lighting your toby with some of the best lighter for cigars also helps with getting a strong, even burn.
  3. You can fill up your cigar lighters with butane, which does not add any weird taste to your cigar, giving you the pure premium taste that you should be getting. While Zippo and Ronosol have butane blends, these are not purely butane, and the extra ingredients in the liquid cause the aforementioned bad taste.
  4. While some gas grills and kitchen stoves usually make use of butane, some use methane or propane. Even if you’re certain that your stove uses butane, it’s generally inadvisable to do so as it can be dangerous to place your head near the hot flames of a stove.
  5. Cigar lighters are very classy and adds to the premium experience of lighting and smoking a cigar. Honestly, it feels like the movies!

Which one should you get?

There are a good number of factors to consider when choosing your cigar torch lighter.

First off, you’d want yours to be windproof, so you can light one up even outdoors. Almost all torch type lighters are windproof.

You should also consider the amount of flame jets that you want. More flame jets might equal more power, however they also use gas much faster – and can risk actually being too hot.

One thing is for sure, you won’t go wrong with any cigar lighter in the list above. If you’re going to smoke a lot of cigars, it’s definitely worth investing in a good kit – a nice humidor, a good cigar cutter, and the best cigar lighter that you can afford.

With all that in consideration, it’s time to pick your own. I would personally recommend our Editor’s Choice as it presents incredible value and quality, found below. Let us know your choice in the comments!

Editor's Choice
GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter

The GERMANUS Jetflame Torch Cigar Lighter is in our opinion the best value cigar lighter on the market. It is small and compact, yet boasts a powerful dual-flame jet torch.

Not only is it a lighter with dual flames, but it also features a cigar punch folded into its bottom.

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